Fantastically Fit’s Impact on Health and Wellness

  • Led development of a statewide obesity plan for VA by successfully coordinating 35 offices throughout Virginia and working in conjunction with the Governor’s office.
  • Achieved consensus among various parties by effectively demonstrating the significance of program goals and grantmaking strategies.
  • Earned Proclamation by the Governor of Virginia.
  • Served as program spokeswoman on numerous radio and television interviews.  Health and Wellness consultant to 700 Club internationally.
  • Designed numerous successful weight loss programs for local medical practices.
  •  Designed successful pre-operative weight loss program for bariatric surgeon patients for all area hospitals and surgeons.
  •  Spearheaded creation of the first Health Atlas model in the United States that would serve as the benchmark for other state projects.
  •  Augmented annual funding for health data collection by 110% by leveraging an extensive network of contacts and applying effective business methodologies to drive the success of a non-profit organization.
  •  Earned honors by the Council on VA Future for achieving program goals.
  • Launched the area’s first integrative medicine practice, The Center of Integrative Medicine, as well as the area’s first holistic health club, The Richmond Alternative Center for Health.
  • Drove the successful development of a corporate wellness strategy from scratch, achieving profitability while maintaining ideals.
  •  Selected by Style Weekly magazine as one of Virginia’s Top 40 Under 40 in recognition of promoting health, wellness, and prevention while achieving business profitability.
  •  Built a solid foundation for a new non-profit health and wellness organization that led to 200% growth in its first year and 300% growth in its second year.
  •  Drove the success of a non-profit organization by applying business principles to maximize revenue.
  •  Earned the Arthur Ashe Award for Excellence.
  • Catapulted ranking of a struggling facility operation from 295th to 10thcompanywide in only 3 months.
  • Drove revenue up 171% in 10 weeks by increasing personal sales and implementing an effective health and wellness sales management initiative.
  • Won the Elite Performer Award in recognition for performing within the top 5% of health clubs nationwide.
  • Public Speaker for Business Health Services. Presentations include:
    • The 3 Myths of Health Behavior Change
    • 5 Crippling Health Habits
    • How to Create Successful Worksite Wellness Programs
    • Emotional Management and Mindfulness in Business
    • Taking Charge of Your Health
    • Stress: The Constant Challenge
    • Psychological Health
    • Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse
    • Nutrition Basics
    • Exercise for Health and Fitness
    • Weight Management
    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Cancer
    • Immunity and Infection
    • Environmental Health
    • Conventional and Complementary Medicine
    • Personal Safety
    • Aging: A Vital Process
    • Death and Dying
    • The Mind-Body Connection
    • The Affordable Care Act: How It Affects You and Your Company
    • Ketogenic Diet
    • Weight Loss 101
    • Supplements: Making Smart Decisions on Which Ones and Why
  • Consultant to American Council on Exercise
    • Instructor for Health Coach Certification
    • Instructor for Personal Training Certification
    • Instructor for Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification
  • Adjunct Professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance
    • Instructor for HPEX 300, Delivery of US Healthcare
    • Instructor for HPEX 354, Coping and Adaptation
    • Instructor for HPEX 357, Personal Health and Behavior Change

Our Clients are Saying:

“It is a real pleasure to work with Yedda and her staff. It is obvious that she lives and works by example.”
Journey Johnson
YMCA of Greater Richmond

“Yedda brings a passion to professionalism, unlike anyone I have ever worked with. I only wish I lived closer, I would work for her! Her ability to manage such a successful company comes from her ability to successfully manage people.”
Ken Blanchard
International Business Consultant
Co-Author of The One Minute Manager

“Fantastically Fit! provides a multidimensional approach to fitness with the concentration in three critical areas: body, mind, and spirit. Clients are motivated to engage in a well-defined personalized process that, when followed, produces dramatic results. The staff is highly trained, caring and professional. When you’re serious about maximizing your potential, these are the people to call.”
Robert J. Flynn
President, PeopleWorks, Inc

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