Our Services include:

• Behavior Modification

• Comprehensive Health Assessment

• Employee Wellness Programs

• Fitness Center Layout & Design

• Group Exercise Classes

• Individualized Personal Training

• On-site Disease Management

• Health Coaching

• Health Fairs

• Health Seminars

• Nutrition Counseling

• Weight Loss  – Learn more about our 6 week weight loss program.

Fantastically Fit believes that if given the opportunity the body can heal itself, it just needs the right internal and external environment. Unfortunately, in today’s world, our diets just do not create a healthy internal environment and our external environment is full of too many stressors, a myriad of choices, a lot of conflicting information and options lacking scientific evidence to validate whether something is good for us or not.

We have done the research and support two supplement companies because they are backed by research, are extremely good for you and fill the voids so many consumers face.

Foundational Supplements:

Our foundational therapy that we recommend is a whole food supplement that is basically a vitamin made from food, not chemicals. If you fall I the 98% of the population that does not consume enough raw, organic fruits and vegetables then you need to add this product to your diet. Click the following link to learn more about plant-based vitamins in capsule and gummy form and protein shake mixes and bars for a healthy snack/meal replacement:

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Therapeutic Supplements:

Our therapeutic therapy that we recommend is a supplement that puts your body into a state of ketosis, which is simply burning fat for fuel.  Why do we want to burn fat for fuel? Because it helps with:
·      Fat Loss
·      Muscle Preservation
·      Fast and Sustained Energy
·      Reduces Brain Fog
·      Increased Focus
·      Appetite Suppression
·      Strength Gain
·      Better Mood
·      Better Sleep
·      Better Digestion
·      Clear Skin

Watch the following four-minute video to learn more and request a 5-day experience pack:

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